My Colony Podcast

EP1: Whats New in 0.20.0

December 15, 2016

Brandon is joined by members of the My Colony forum community to discuss My Colony v0.20.0 as well as the games future.

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Show Notes

This is the first REAL episode of the My Colony Podcast. It's a little rough since I'm still not good at this kind of stuff yet, but if people like it, I will (probably) get better!

Today I am podcasting from the My Colony Discord chat room with Necrostorm as well as other members from the My Colony Support Forum. We are discussing what's new in this release, as well as throwing around ideas for the future.

If you want to get in on the My Colony Discord Channel, you can follow this link:

And to get in on the ongoing forum discussions, find the official My Colony forums here:

Thanks to everyone for listening, and thanks for playing My Colony!


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